Refillery Goods Info + Pricing

Personal Care Goods:

Brand Product Price
Birch Babe Lavender Bath Salts $5/100g
Sun Protection $10/100g
Remineralizing Mouthwash $2.50/100mL
Rose Citron Tooth Paste

Mint Tooth Paste

Banana Kid's Tooth Paste



Oneka Elements

Lavender + Angelica Shampoo

Cedar + Sage Shampoo

Goldenseal + Citrus Shampoo

Unscented Shampoo

Lavender + Angelica Conditioner $2.40/100g
Unscented Conditioner $2.40/100g

Goldenseal + Citrus Shower Gel

Cedarwood + Sage Shower Gel


Goldenseal + Citrus Body Lotion

Lavender + Angelica Body Lotion

70% Hand Sanitizer (spray bottle dispenser recommended) $7.00/50mL
Carina Organics

Sweet Pea Bubble Bath (tear free)

Unscented Baby/Children's Shampoo + Wash $3.40/100g
Sweet Pea Body Lotion $3.40/100g
Sweet Pea Daily Moisturizing Body Wash $2.50/100g
The Unscented Co.

Unscented Moisturizing Body Lotion


Hand Sanitizing Gel

Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil $4.50/100mL
Routine Cream Deodorant

Cat Lady

Like a Boss

Baking Soda Free Sexy Sadie

Baking Soda Free Johnny's Cash



The Willow's Bark Forest Bath Salts



Home Goods:

Brand Product Price
The Bare Home All Purpose Cleaning Spray: Lemon + Tea Tree $8/500mL
Dish Soap: Lime + Bergamot $8/500mL

Hand Soap: Lime + Bergamot

Hand Soap: Blood Orange + Bergamot + Sandalwood

Laundry Detergent: Lavender + Sage $16/L
Dr. Bronner's Sal's Suds All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate $11/500mL
Green Beaver Castile: Unscented $2.50/100g
Castile: Lavender $2.50/100g
The Unscented Co. 12% Cleaning Vinegar $5/L
Dish Soap $6.50/L
Hand Soap $11.50/L
Laundry Detergent $8/L
Dish Tabs $0.27 each tab
Wool Dryer Ball $6.75 each
Simply Pure Baking Soda $0.50/100g or $10.50/2kg
Borax $0.70/100g or $7/kg
Eco Pioneer Citric Acid $0.80/100g or $8/kg